Is Financapitaltradez Investment Regulated?

Yes Licensed and regulated by the UK Financial Markets Authority, Our aim at Financapitaltradez is to give you unmatched financial services.

Financapitaltradez's IC?

Industry Codes K11273184: Investment company operation (United Kingdom Business Industry Codes)

How can I join Financapitaltradez Investment?

The registration process for joining Financapitaltradez Investment is easy, make use of the unique referral code shared with you. If you do not have any, click the register button at the to of the page

How can I make a deposit?

Funding your account is simple on Financapitaltradez Portal. We accept deposits using all major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC BCH, TRON, DOGECOIN.

How to Withdraw?

Withdrawing your funds is simple. You can request to withdraw anytime, go to your dashboard, click withdraw and it is automatically processed. We accept withdrawals to all major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, TRON automatically.

Is Investment Programme Reliable ?

Our professionals and clients remains core to our success over the years. We are aware that our image is dependent on our allegiance to the highest ethical standards. Financapitaltradez Investment is committed to always interacting with integrity towards our partners, clients and employees, as we seek to build long-term relationships with our multiple stakeholders based on trust.

Can we use Financapitaltradez Investment wallet for free ?

Yes, our services on Financapitaltradez Investment is absolutely free. You are only charged when you request for first-tier assistance by our top Financial managers.

How could any one make a support request ?

You may chat ous directly from the chat app on the website, or send us email at

How to make a passive income with Financapitaltradez Investment ?

While your investment pays you passively, you may use your unique referral link to invite as many people as possible. You instantly earn 6% in bonus pf your downliners first deposit.

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